Posted on 2015-01-05
The 503 is four years old as of the 1st. I have to say, as confounding, unexpected, busy and downright weird as my life has been over these past four, it's remarkable that this is still going. Updates have slowed to a crawl, granted, but they're still happening.

What else... yes, I felt that if someone like Dick was going to be building a navy, those are the names he would pick.

What else... it's not obvious, but Phil's dad works in a facility that used to build airplanes. STRATCOM is the building in the background in Strip 226's second panel. Before much of Offutt AFB was the nerve center of our air force, it was a bunch of airplane factories in World War II. Back in the town I got my undergrad degree at, there was even a lady who had worked in the facility that built the Enola Gay. But they're sticking it there for the same exact reasons.

Last but not least, my personal life. I spent New Year's Eve drinking, watching The Room and also my friends getting all Jerry Springer on each other. I didn't know hate flirting was a thing, and it's just about as messed as it sounds.